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    After receiving a law degree, and serving a stint as a prosecutor, Nick joined his brother Steven as a founding member of King of Pops. Everywhere he goes he wins awards, including the prestigious Penn State Ice Cream School. Nick is an Eagle Scout, has been to more than 50 countries and hates cold sandwich meat. He is a great leader and the glue that holds KoP together.

    Fave Pop Pineapple Ginger

  • Steve


    Steven founded King of Pops in the summer of 2010 with the help of friends and family, hard work and a little bit of luck. The visionary force behind King of Pops, Steven comes up with an average of 17.3 zany ideas per day-some of which even work!

    Fave Pop Tangerine Basil

  • Matt


    After deciding that he no longer wanted to toil in a corporate setting, Matt convinced us that we couldn’t live without him and is now the GM of King of Pops. He is a process improvement whiz and claims a master's degree in organizational development-which are really just fancy ways of saying he likes to get pops to people as efficiently as possible.

    Fave Pop Cherry Limeade

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    Mr. Anderson has been given the title of "the money" from the team here at King of Pops because of his enormous responsibility at counting numbers and making spreadsheets. A wizard at excel, this Young Harris grad has recently kicked his addiction of crystal light. We're all so very proud of him.

    Fave Pop Pineapple Habanero

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    Mr. Srodoski

    A self proclaimed movie buff, Pete put his money where his mouth is on the 2016 company cruise, winning the movie trivia solo. More importantly, he brings a wealth of knowledge from the corporate retail world to King of Pops.

    Fave Pop Apple Cider

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    Chef Jared

    Jared, master of the Wednesday pot luck, joined the King of Pops team three seasons ago and he's now making all those delectable pops you guys love! The Cordon Bleu grad's motto: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

    Fave Pop Chocolate Sea Salt

  • Tyler


    Tyler’s not a “bro,” but he’s not "not a bro” either. He came to King of Pops in 2014 after cutting his teeth with Atlanta burrito legend, Willy's. His unique style sometimes raises eyebrows, but his good heart and even better looks keep his catering customers coming back for more. Give him a call if you need pops, or if you just want to talk about absolutely nothing for 15 minutes. Outside of the office you’ll find him on his bike, in downward dog, or at an Atlanta sporting event.

    Fave Pop Mango Habanero

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    Ali began as a King of Pops slinger in 2015 and now she runs our entire office. In her free time she enjoys writing, and just completed drafting her first novel! Ali also likes baking, comedy, and playing outside around Atlanta. She is single-handedly trying to bring back the saying "cool beans".

    Fave Pop Orange Cream

  • Lib


    The enduring Mother of KoP. Lib keeps the KoP kitchen in ship-shape body and soul. In addition to making sure our aprons are clean, she is always around to lend a helping hand when needed. Lib keeps up with the kitchen banter, but is also a calming influence that keeps the KoP team cool.

    Fave Pop Creamy Avocado