King of Pops is committed to creating the best, most innovative frozen treats around and we couldn’t do it without keeping our eyes open and always thinking how we could turn whatever it is we’ve just eaten into a pop whether it be a Thai coconut soup or a perfectly mixed cocktail. And the lucky part is we now have kitchens in four cities so we have even more people ready, willing and able to transform their latest idea into a pop you’ll love. We live by the motto “try anything once” and because of that the possibilities are endless.

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As you know our biggest inspiration for starting the company was based on a trip to Central America and Mexico specifically. There we learned that tamarindo was a viable ingredient, though not a favorite, and that chamoy, a salty-spicy concoction, would blend perfectly with mango. Through travel to Southeast Asia and South America not to mention Europe we are always eating and always thinking about the next big pop. Thai Tea, Herbes de Provence Lemonade, Pineapple Habanero, Vietnamese Coffee, Arroz con Leche.

By eating at some of the best and most innovative restaurants throughout the Southeast we keep our roots close to home while maintaining a worldly view. The new South is a place where drink and cuisine are central to the culture and sense of community and KoP tries to be a part of that movement. We go and have some great jam on our biscuits or a pickled tomato in our bloody mary and we think about ways to transform that taste to one more suitably frozen. With great chefs and mixologists around Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte and Richmond there is no lack of creativity in the cities we call home.

Y-O-U inspire us daily. You tell us what you love and what you hate. You tell us your life stories. You tell us your favorite meal from your latest adventure. You tell us what your grandma and your niece’s favorite dessert is. You tell us about ingredients from your homeland. You tell us about a new tea house you visited around the corner. And you make us want to be better. We make pops for Y-O-U.